In the news

Some links to multimedia news coverage of the project to move the Phelps-Montgomery House

 Oregonian - some of the earliest coverage of the project (11/15/2012)

 Oregonian - elaborates on the process and Beth & Jeff's role (11/20/2012)

 Southeast Examiner - highlights the collaboration between the City, the developer, the neighborhood community to make this project a reality (12/1/2012)

Oregonian - coverage of the big move (12/2/2012)

 KATU - video coverage of the big move (12/5/2012)

 YouTube - Phelps-Montgomery House Remodel project by PCC supported by a National Science Foundation Grant (5/2/2014)

 Lewis & Clark Bank - Partners in a Shared Vision (6/6/2014)



Posted on December 2, 2012 .