Renewal Development joins thoughtful craftsman design with sustainable construction and local property management. From idea generation to execution, Renewal Development is a husband-wife team with deep roots in the neighborhood and that take great pleasure in creating unique and beautiful spaces for others to enjoy. Jeff and Beth own and operate three separate properties in the Hawthorne District in Southeast Portland, Oregon: The Phelps-Montgomery HouseHawthorne Duplex, and Hawthorne Guest House. A neighborhood that has seen much change in the past few decades, Hawthorne has been home to Beth and Jeff since the '80s, and they have both watched and contributed to the neighborhood's evolution over the years.

Jeff says....
I picked renewal development as a business name before we actually had a business. I really wanted to remodel and build, if I actually did it what would I call it? There is so much mediocre construction, bad design, cheap materials, and average craftsmanship and I wanted to make a difference. Renewal is about refurbish, refresh, start over. It's about new life and I wanted to make our projects help renew a building, a neighborhood, and delight those that choose to live in our spaces.

Each of these projects and buildings come with a story. Renewal Development projects emblemize Jeff’s desire to renew. They are not just construction projects but are elements of the neighborhood. This portfolio attempts to holistically demonstrate the planning, quirk, charm, and family effort behind the creation of these spaces.