breaking ground

The Hawthorne Duplex, designed by Matt Loosemore, was Jeff & Beth's first experience building new property. Having previously focused on remodeling, the challenge was to bring in good design that would honor the neighborhood. The Duplex occupies the space that had formerly been Beth & Jeff's backyard and that was subdivided into a new, albeit narrow, lot in 2003. See photos of the construction project here

quality materials

The Hawthorne Duplex - along with the Hawthorne Guest House and the Phelps-Montgomery House -  uses quality materials. Repeatedly told he was crazy to invest so much in a rental unit, Jeff remains convinced that if you give people a great space, they will appreciate and care for it. Such has been the case in all of these properties and renters and guests alike are repeatedly delighted by the quality and thoughtfulness of their living spaces. 

Hawthorne Duplex Door.JPG